Our services

Precision mechanics + milling + turning

The decades of experience gained in precision mechanics combined with a fleet of latest generation drills and lathes, allows us to perform high profile mechanical machining, ensuring speed and quality of the product.

Our works are performed using numerical control lathes and high-tech work centers capable of producing a wide range of products.
The know-how acquired over many years of work and the continuous staff training allow us to follow the life cycle of each individual production, ensuring a high standard quality.

Starting from the design and specifications of the customer we can make single pieces or small quantities, working ferrous, non-ferrous and plastic materials.
Over the years our company has also specialized in turning and milling of aluminum and stainless steel.


CNC machining for third parties

We know how is important the quality and reliability that a subcontractor must transmit to its clients.
This is why we carry out CNC machining on behalf of third parties with the utmost care and attention, both during the turning and milling process, using cutting-edge CNC machining centers and lathes.


CAD-CAM workstation

We are able to follow the client from the beginning of the work.
Our workstation equipped with CAD-CAM software allows us to process the projects that customers submit to us.
Our design office is also able, if necessary, to develop an entire project starting from the design or the finished product, supporting the client during the whole process.

Tool storage management

The tools are supplied by an advanced IT system, managed by a software that keeps track of the availability of the individual tools and provides for their timely reordering.
In this way we are guaranteed not to fall into productive stops.


Computer tracking working system

Every single work is traced through an information technology system.
The operator at the beginning of every single process records the operation in progress by scanning a barcode.
It's thus possible to know in every moment at which point is the production process of each single piece and any warehouse stocks.

Quality checks

Each product, before leaving the workshop, is subjected to accurate measurements to check that it respects the original design of the client.
Measurements are carried out throughout the production cycle using high quality professional measuring instruments.


New operational headquarters

Since January our new headquarters are in
Cogliate (MB), Via Montello 92.
Telephone 02 64 13 76 82.